Element Air

Today is ruled by the element Air. 

This means it is a creative, productive and positive day.  Good for all kinds of cultural experiences, communication and artistic enterprises.  Ideas just flow better and it makes a great day for writing, broadcasting, blogging.

As communication is highlighted try to reach out to people you lost touch with or try to patch up strained relationships (especially during the Waning Moon). If you loosely connect the elements to the moon phases,  element air is the start of the cycle.

Element Air  – Waxing Moon – network and create a project/task
Element Fire – Full Moon – present and sell your project/task
Element Earth – Waning Moon – put the hard craft in and see it through to completion
Element Water – New Moon – evaluate your work. Where can you improve?   Which direction do you want to travel in as an individual and what would help you? Then fill in your goal planner and start the cycle again.

Air Days are also great for dusting, declutter, tidying, baking and of course airing your home.

For more information please look up the LWTM calendar and attached symbols



May 13 2020


All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 14 2020
  • Time: All Day