Detoxifying Treatments

Detoxifying treatments that calm your mind and soul

Today is a great day for all kinds of procedures that detoxify, and get rid of water retention, stress, and anxiety.


Add 3 minutes per day of meditation to your daily routine. This is a small but very powerful routine. Done consistently and correctly it will help you to calm yourself down, aid your sleep, and create overall inner balance and happiness.

Teas to calm your mind and soul:

Cowslip flower tea: Use 4-6 g (1 tbsp) of yellow cowslip flowers per cup of boiling water, leave to steep 8-10 minutes and drink when stressed or going to bed.
Poppy Flower tea: This attractive red plant can be found in many fields and meadows. Use the same measures as above. To be safe, you can buy ready-made poppy leaf tea in your pharmacy or health food shop.
Ribbed Melilot tea: This yellow blossoming plant is nowadays less common, although it was already used by the Romans. Its name comes from the Latin word for ‘honey’ and it was used to flavor sauces, deserts, sorbets, and icecreams. It is a very useful and versatile plant. Helps with venous disorders, promotes sleep, and helps with anxiety, and stress. It even prevents bloating and calms the stomach nerves and gut. It is an effective cure-all.20-30g of dried flowers/plant per liter of boiled water, fill into a thermos flask, and drink throughout the day.

Linden Flower tea: They are sometimes better known as lime flowers. Drink it as tea (3-5g flowers per cup of hot water, up to 4 cups per day) or make a strong decoction (60-70g for 1 liter of water), leave to cool to lukewarm and use as a compress or beauty water to cleanse and tighten the skin, soothe itchy and sunburnt skin. Taken as a tea, linden flower tea calms the nerves, promotes sleep helps with digestion, and strengthens the immune system.

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