Declutter and Tidy

Decluttering and Dusting

The Waning Moon is a good time to declutter, dust, and bring order into your home life.

Traditionally Air Days (just look up Element Air on the calendar) made good days for dusting, decluttering, and re-arranging.  The Water Days that followed on are ideal for any kind of washing and deep cleaning. So an ideal combination – first tidy up and then deep clean!

Here is an article on how to clear and clean your home.

Some people love arranging and tidying up and are also good at it. Others, me among them, don’t like it and are hopeless.  If you are already an expert at this – then this symbol is just a quick reminder to possibly declutter a storage area, loft, garage.

Everybody who is struggling, should highlight this symbol and really stick to these dates. It has worked wonders in my life. The secret is tidying little and often and finding a system that you can keep.

Another good tip is to tidy as you go along – and make it into a habit. Like washing up whilst you cook. Get into this helpful habit and the ‘tidying process’ is taking care of it. Leave it for ages and it becomes more and more difficult. You will see how much more efficient you become and how much time you will save!

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