Creativity, art and widen your horizon

It is always a good time to be creative and learn something new. But there are days when we are more inspired and today should be one. If you already do something creative in your spare time or even as your main profession, go the extra mile and think about a new way to present this or think about new ways of executing it and obviously also do it.

Most of us get spontaneous creative ideas here and there, on the bus home, in the bath, rushing to work. Try to always carry a little note pad with you and grab these precious, fleeting moments. ⁠
On days like today – have a look through these random thoughts and make sense of them. You will be surprised that they are not as random as you thought. ⁠
Then put them towards a purpose in life – where do you want to be creative and guide them in that direction. ⁠

For all of you who never thought about doing something creative, maybe today inspires you to have a go and try something new. Enroll in a painting class, learn a musical instrument, join a choir, doodle or do needlework at home. Everybody should do at least one ‘creative’ hobby, however small. 

If you are a writer, composer or any other creative, use this time wisely and give it some extra time and thought for groundbreaking, new ideas or getting extra work done! You should feel very inspired today. 

Rested minds are often more creative, so here is an article that explains the art of resting

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