Clearing conversations and relationship mediation


No moon phase can help fix a broken relationship. The reason this symbol is included is to act as a prompt to either ‘nip things in the bud’ before they become full-blown problems or if a situation has already gotten out of hand, to take precise and swift action. There are however times when people seem to behave more rationally than at other times. Look at traffic situations, on certain days there seems to be incident after incident. On other days everything runs smoothly. Does this ring true for you?

I firmly believe days have qualities and some tasks you don’t want to approach on already emotionally charged days. This topic is one of them. Good preparation and thinking things over before approaching the other person is key to a successful outcome.

In some cases, you need to involve an outside person, known as a mediator. This is a trained professional who listens to both parties in an unbiased way to find a solution. There are different styles and methods to achieve this.


In a court situation, you may encounter mediation to achieve a settlement. This is a formal process and is often undertaken by an attorney to achieve a settlement outcome in court. The feuding parties are often separated into different rooms and the mediator goes between them to convey a message and hopefully achieve an outcome acceptable to both parties.
But this is sadly the last straw. Ideally, you don’t let it come to this.


By engaging in a form of dialogue well before a split and keeping channels of communication wide open, a doomed relationship can hopefully turned around into a healthy, loving one. Having an independent third party present If this is not the case, at least both parties can come to an outcome that is beneficial and empowering to both and leaves no lasting damage, especially if children are involved.



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