Ideas and brainstorming

Brainstorming, new developments & introduce a new method of working

Today is a great time for any creative new overhaul. This applies in business, as well as running a busy family home. It is all about the system and the ways you structure your life. Sometimes this becomes stale and uneconomic and we need to ‘rethink’ it all. Reinventing how you present and manage your life affairs.

The American advertising executive Alex Osborn mentioned the term ‘brainstorming’ for the first time in the 1950ies. Nowadays we think about a group of people coming up with bizarre ideas. But what this term really means is ‘becoming unstuck’ and bringing a new, innovative solution to an old problem.
You can of course ‘brainstorm’ alone. The best way is to take out a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. Write your problem in the middle and circle it. Then create solutions all around it – and circle them, too. This is called a mind map. Just write down anything that comes into your head, unfiltered. Then put this paper away and look at it again the following day. You will be amazed how many solutions you can find.

If you get really stuck – a session with a group of friends, work colleagues or a partner can help you to unlock certain ‘blockages’. Changing perspective is enormously helpful! Today’s symbol will hopefully give you a little bit of motivation.

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