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There is no relationship that has not got its ups and downs. Of course, we aim for the ups – but to make it truly work long-term – we also have to occasionally deal with the downs and try to find constructive solutions going forward.

This is the nudge to look into your individual relationships. This could be your spouse, child, another sibling, work colleague, your boss – in fact any relationship with others.

My grandmother used to say – little children equals little problems and big children equal big problems.
Of course, you can translate that literally to childcare and a toddler not getting on with another can often easily be fixed by just explaining how to share a today and seems small compared with a teenage angst and love problems.

But the metaphor I want to draw to here is: Don’t let small problems become big problems. Act fast and decisive and don’t let it become bigger and festering. If something ‘bugs you’ start a constructive solution today before the problem becomes too big to solve.


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