The benefit of crystals – Introduction

The benefit of crystals – Introduction

LWTM - the benefit of crystals

This blog series has come out of a survey I did last year. I asked my lovely subscribers what topics they were interested in and ‘THE BENEFITS OF CRYSTALS’ scored top marks.

I always liked this topic as it is steeped in history plus I do like to wear semi-precious stones that have benefits attached. So here is an introduction to this vast subject.

Part 1 starts here and looks into the formation, use and history of crystals.
Part 2 will describe the various colour groups and how they connect to the chakras in our bodies. I hope you find this series interesting and useful.

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How crystals were formed 

Not all crystals form alike, but all contain stored natural powers and energies which have often evolved over thousands if not millions of years. Some are cooled lava, others like the black obsidian are in fact similar to natural glass. There are organic crystals (pearls would be one of them) and hardened tree resins still containing fossils (amber). Some even contain materials from outer space.

But what is the difference between an ordinary stone and a crystal?
Both contain atoms, but the crystal’s atoms and molecules are attached in a regular pattern. When one or more minerals are fused in this way – we call it atomic bonding and the result is the formation of a crystal.

Most crystals form from mineral substances that occur in abundance in the earth’s mantle. But others are made from minerals that are very rare and these are therefore more expensive. In fact, eight elements make up over 99% of the earth’s crust. They are oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Other elements that are found in crystals are titanium, boron, carbon, fluorine, chromium, manganese, and various more elusive substances.

Most crystals are a culmination of the elements mentioned above. Sometimes they can come from the same element, but the structure of the atoms or molecules is very different. This results in vastly different appearances and properties.  Take for example the graphite and the diamond. Both are made of carbon, but the arrangements of the atoms are vastly different. So graphite is soft and grey and the diamond is hard and shiny.

The majority of crystals are in fact silicates which means that they contain oxygen and silicon. There are currently around 3700 mineral species that we know of, but only a few of these have the structure to be cut into gemstones.

Some are plain, others are very vibrant and used in jewelry and embroidery. Traditionally earrings protect the brain and mind from psychological attacks and keep the mind focused.  Necklaces and pendants shield the heart from manipulation and bring love. Belts empower the solar plexus and boost confidence. Rings symbolize love, friendship, a certain belonging (a king may have given a nobleman a ring so he can wear it for everyone to see that he has a bond with the king).

Next time we look into how crystals were used throughout history. Please click to HERE continue to part 2 of this series 

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The benefits of indigo and purple  crystals

The benefits of indigo and purple crystals

This post is all about the benefits of indigo and purple crystals. They are connected to the Brow or Third Eye Chakra. Indigo, a mixture of purple and blue is a deeply spiritual colour.

This chakra is all about imagination, creativity, healing powers, and vision. It is the domain of healers and spiritual leaders, but also that of artists and social visionaries.

The physical aspect of this chakra deals with headaches, migraines, phobias, sinusitis, hyperactive lifestyle, and insomnia. It is connected to the ears (all hearing, music and sound in general), sight (painters, photographers and anybody working the visual medium), and the sinuses.

When this chakra is in balance the person is able to grasp the bigger picture and has a highly evolved intuition. People with a strong brow chakra are visionary creatives, often far ahead of their time. Or they may be highly spiritual people and motivational speakers.  Others seek them out for good advice.

When this chakra is not in balance, people find it hard to accept reality and dream their life away. They somehow do not fit into the wider society and are often unable to cope with all the pressures of modern life. In this case, a  life in a natural environment with less stress would be the most suitable option. A busy city life that overstimulates these already strained senses could lead to overwhelming experiences and in severe cases even nervous breakdown.  An ideal job here would be conservation work,  working with animals or the land.

Sometimes the boundary can be quite fluid and it is not uncommon that people swing between the two sides, a so-called bi-polar disposition.  They produce exceptional, highly inspirational work followed by a spell of a total block and void.  Sometimes this could simply mean that the brain is compensating for the previous overstimulation and asks for a period of rest. But prolonged ‘creative droughts’ can be problematic.

Sadly ‘this down phase is driving many creative minds into drug abuse and depression, chasing these elusive creative highs. But over time this is a downward cycle. If you experience this, please stay clear of any kind of artificial drugs and accept ‘this draught’ as a short spell of convalescence.  The best thing you can do is to really ‘unwind’ your mind with music, meditation, and prolonged immersion into nature (walks, gardening, swimming). These will give help you gather strength and soon enough new inspirations will come your way.

This chakra is also connected with burn-out.  The same advice as above applies. React early and take short breaks to rebuild extra energy rather than soldier on until a mental breakdown occurs.

Here are the crystals associated with this chakra:

Amethyst: This purple-tinged crystal takes its name from ‘amethystos’ which in Ancient Greek meant ‘ not intoxicated’. It is a stone of strength and helps people to beat an addiction. It is further helpful for all suffering from migraines and insomnia. People were instructed to hold this crystal under running water and then rub it against the forehead in an anti-clockwise motion to take away the stress and guard against headaches. The same method helps children to sleep, especially if they are afraid of the dark and calm them down during nightmares.

Purple Spinel: This dark purple stone is made of magnesium aluminum oxide. This stone is an all-body healer, inspires confidence and protects you from ill-wishers and jealousy. Wear it as a piece of jewelry to keep your overall health. It used to be given to people suffering from epilepsy and circulatory problems, particularly in the lower body half.

Lapis Lazuli: One of the first crystals worn as jewelry.  Egyptian Pharaohs particularly liked this stone and it symbolized eternal life, friendship, career progression and promotion.

Sodalite: this deep indigo stone is very helpful for aging women who suffer from symptoms related to the menopause. It stabilizes manic depressions, regulates high blood pressure and helps with insomnia and night sweats. Put a sodalite crystal near your bed or under the pillow to help with sleep deprivation.

Lilac Kunzite: very similar to the sodalite above and useful if you have any gynecological procedures such as hysterectomy or reduced libido.

Violan: This beautiful stone is stress-reducing and ideal for the modern world. It gives strength and provides harmony in the home. Hold it in your hand whilst do a 5 minute a-day meditation to unburden your mind and make you cope more with endless daily demands. Place it near your computer to be inspired and shield against radiation.

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HERE is the next installment – when we look at crystals that balance the crown chakra. 


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The benefits of blue crystals

The benefits of blue crystals

Today we look into blue crystals that are connected to the throat chakra.

This chakra radiates idealism, authority, travel, business, and prosperity. Blue is a colour of trust, convention, and peace. It probably is the most conservative, steady chakra of all and extends to family, marriage, partnership, and property.

The physical aspects of this chakra deal with the thyroid gland, inflammations,  high fevers, childhood rashes, high blood pressure, eyesight, and all problems connected to communication. It is the stone for public speakers, shy introverts, and people with speech impediments alike.

These are the 7 Charkas - the map is courtesy of the Global Affiliate network When the throat chakra is in balance it promotes a strong expression of creativity, clear leadership qualities, professionalism, a sense of justice, and integrity. These are people society can rely upon.  Although dependable and loyal, they need a lot of space to spread their wings, travel and come up with extraordinary and unique ideas.

However, when the throat chakra is not in balance difficulties with communication can surface.  These could be of a physical nature such as stammering or loss of voice.  On the other hand, this imbalance could manifest itself by a muddled way to express themselves and a lack of clear instructions to others. It is all a muddle and when things are not going as planned, these people easily flare up in outbursts of anger and inappropriate language. Just because they feel frustrated and misunderstood. Just like a toddle having a tantrum as he/she is unable to communicate to the parents what he/she wants.

Another sign of an unbalanced throat chakra is when people feel the constant urge to criticize, belittle, verbally abuse others with inappropriate or sarcastic remarks. What is sad that these people often think that they are the witty ones and everyone else is wrong. It is a very conservative mindset and similar to the compromised sacral chakra,  these people are not even willing to compromise or at least listen to someone else’s point of view.

They see themselves as ‘true followers of tradition’ when actually they suffer from a ‘severe lack of empathy and worldliness’. So most of them continue living a life with a very limited and narrow view of the world, happy with the status quo and unable or unwilling to expanding their mindset.

Here are the crystals associated with this chakra:

The Aquamarine: Its Latin name means ‘the water of the sea’. It was often given as a talisman to sailors and traders who crossed the oceans onto far-flung corners of the world in the hope they would return home safely.
In business, this is a stone of wisdom, compromise, and fairness, all things which make good business sense for both parties.

The aquamarine should be worn by everybody who suffers from lung and throat infections, teeth and gum problems and anything to do with breathing problems. It can help with toddler tantrums, panic attacks, and teenage angst. People left their aquamarine amulets on window sills during the night of a full moon, so the stone could absorb the lunar energy and help to protect them. 

The Blue Lace Agate:  This stone was particularly in heavy use in pre-Christian Scandinavian countries and dedicated to the earth mother. Worn around the neck it was seen to improve communicative abilities, help people who struggle with expressing their emotions and feeling. This stone can be helpful to those talking about traumatic experiences and overcoming a post-traumatic stress disorder. 

It would be a helpful stone for all soldiers, police offers, and anybody dealing with law enforcement and violence. Another use it to keep on your desk or in your pocket when doing stressful business deals and public speaking. 

Blue Quartz: strengthens the immune system, helps with all kinds of thyroid problems and is helpful for sunburns and heat strokes. It is also a stone that helps those who are verbally abused and bullied, giving strength during the process of reconciliation. It is a ‘must’ have for any public speakers, voice-over artists and singers.

Angelite: As the name suggests was seen as a stone of protection, like a guardian angel. It can vary in colour, from pale blue to almost lilac. Like the blue quartz, it is a stone that helps boost confidence and is good for public speakers or singers with stage fright. The Angelite is helpful for people who are disabled due to an accident or illness to help them find their way back to the workplace and society as a whole. It gives strength and helps with overcoming trauma.

Turquoise: this is the most commonly known stone in this section. Many artists like musicians wear it as it symbolizes good luck in all creative fields, fame and money. It is the stone of wisdom and communication and should be worn by anybody that deals with communication, such as writers, bloggers, politicians, and motivational speakers.

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HERE is the next installment – when we look at crystals that balance the so-called ‘Third Eye’, the seat of intuition. 


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The benefits of green crystals

The benefits of green crystals

In this article, we will look into green crystals that are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra, located in the chest area. This chakra is all about compassion, healing, true giving, inner harmony, and environmental awareness.

When the heart chakra is in balance, people find it easy to give and receive love. They are open to other’s feelings and empathize with them.  In short, these people possess emotional intelligence. We live in such a self-absorbed society where acts of kindness are getting rarer. This is definitely a chakra that many people would do well to focus on.

‘True givers’ are often seen by others as an easy target to exploit. But the natural act of giving and wanting the best for the other person is rewarded 1000-fold.  This  ‘pay-back’ usually comes from a very different, unsuspected direction. The Buddist philosophy calls it Karma.

But the reason for ‘giving from the heart’ is all about sowing harmony and happiness. Following this principle will create a ‘happy bubble’ that follows the giver around, especially if it is done in a quiet, selfless, and humble way. 

If the heart chakra is unbalanced, people become greedy, self-centered, and develop a me-first-attitude. This possessiveness shows itself when people think they do good, but don’t actually look what is best for the other person.  In the end, the act of giving is all about them and not the person who receives it. They simply become  ‘egotistical benefactors’.

Another form of an unbalanced heart chakra is being over-sentimental, drama-queen-like and consumed by fits of jealousy and envy. Have you ever heard the phrase – green with envy – well then the heart chakra is definitely not in balance!

Physical effects are pain or tension in the upper back area, anything to do with the chest, circulatory issues such as blocked arteries, varicose veins, high and low blood pressure, and problems with lymph glands also connect to this chakra.

Here are some of my favourite crystals to wear or add to drinking water: 

The Emerald is probably the first green stone that springs to mind. The Ancient Egyptians already treasured this crystal and worshipped it as a symbol for eternal life. Cleopatra for example wore a lot of emeralds and these are best worn out of sight, in a pocket close to your heart. Its aim is to revive the passion and rekindle lost love.

The Emerald gemstone: is a popular stone for older women, a symbol of eternal beauty, inner strength and love, and usually worn as a ring.

The Eilat Stone: This is the national stone of Israel and closely associated with King Solomon. He was famous for his rulings and communication skills. This stone reflects this skill and is an ideal present for someone who practices law or is in a position of power. This could be a head of an organization,  a headteacher,  politician, or public speaker. Ideally, the Eilat stone should be worn around the neck or in a pouch close to the heart, but it is also suitable as a ring. It boosts confidence and authority. On the physical side, it helps with sinus and mouth infections, fevers, and arthritis.

Jade: There are different types of Jade, but all are suitable for the heart chakra.

The Bowenite Jade is a bright, fresh mid-green stone. At the Imperial Russian court, this stone served as a symbol of beauty and tough love. It is also a practical stone as it helps with commercial enterprises and boosts confidence. It is very useful to keep it on a work desk to make ‘wise and kind decisions’.

Imperial Jade is a rare and expensive jade and a favourite stone of Chinese emperors. Again it is seen as a symbol of immortality, health, and authority. Young adults are encouraged to wear a Jade stone to help them find their right partner in life.

Olive Jade if your budget does not stretch to the Imperial Jade this stone is much more affordable. It is a great help in troubled times such as going through a divorce or other emotional turmoil. It gives strength. Also a very useful crystal for people who suffer from panic attacks and phobias. Traditionally olive jade was given to the other party as a peace offering to warrant a permanent reconciliation.

The physical benefits of Jade are help with kidney and bladder problems, weak immune system, blood sugar and diabetes, and avoiding memory loss in old age.

Malachite:  This bright green stone is rather common and very helpful for everybody who is in emotional distress and suffers from depression. In the Middle Ages, the affected person had to hold this stone and speak of their fears and sorrows. Then they had to leave the stone next to the outside porch. During the night all their ‘fears’ were being blown away with the wind. If life only was that easy!

But what the story tells us, that it is often a question of mindset. I  suggest you wear a malachite in combination with deep breathing exercises and a good dose of positive thinking, together with a healthy food intake and plenty of exercise in the fresh air.

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HERE is the next installment – when we look at crystals that balance the throat chakra and communication. 


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The benefits of yellow crystals

The benefits of yellow crystals

This article will look into the benefits of yellow crystals which are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra. If you want to start the series from the beginning – click here 

This is our ‘natural center’ where the ‘gut feeling’ lies.

A few years ago I was lacking in energy and my mother gave me a ‘sunstone’ in the shape of a heart and I have used it ever since. When I feel a bit run down I leave the stone in full sunshine (for a day or 2) and when it is ‘fully charged’ I add the stone to a large glass of water, leave it for about 24 hours and drink this water. It definitely helps me to ‘recharge’. You can find out more below.

The chakra is located in the center of the stomach and solar plexus. It is connected to your intuition (better known as gut feeling), the summary of all your experiences, your potential, self-confidence, and intellectual power.

When the solar chakra is in balance people learn from their mistakes, are humble, and ready for new opportunities. They have a sharp intellect and are good decision-makers. These people are ’emotional rocks’ for their environment and are relied upon by others for their shrewd advice and insights.

However, when the solar chakra is unbalanced, we feel indecisive, restless, show compulsive behaviors, obsessions which people, objects, success, and else which we think to compensate for the lack of  ‘real, inner happiness’.

The organs affected by the solar chakra are digestion, liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, metabolism, and nervous system. An unbalanced solar chakra can lead to problems in these areas. It is also connected to  ‘yo-yo dieting’ and lack of weight loss due to nervous dispositions better known as ‘stress eating’.

Here are some of my favourite crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Heliodor:  Its name comes from Ancient Greece and translates as ‘the gift from the sun’.  It transfers ‘sun energy’, giving us a real boost as I described above.

Commonly known as ‘sunstone’ is a great balancer for all those who juggle 110 things at the same time. This yellow crystal is therefore a good stone for the ‘self-employed’ and people with varied work patterns as it helps with emotional stability and happiness.

Drinking water energized by a ‘sunstone’ is particularly useful in the dark winter months. But this pure sun energy is then harder to come by and you need to choose a particularly sunny day for it to ‘charge’.

Chrysoberyl:  This yellow-brownish, opaque stone is made from aluminum oxide containing beryllium. When polished it looks like a golden ‘cat’s eye’ and was often used as a talisman against accidents and anything to do with travel. This would make a good stone for anybody who travels a lot for work. Commercial drivers, pilots, frequent business travelers should have one of these in their cars, pocket. The chrysoberyl was given to anybody starting up in life or career. It was seen as the bringer of prosperity and wearing a chrysoberyl stone said to help with clarity and focus.

On a physical level, it helps with exhaustion due to too much work and anything to do with food allergies, food poisoning, or any kind of eating disorder.

Yellow Spinel stone: This beautiful jewelry stone resembles a yellow diamond when cut in shape. It is a natural anti-depressant and a bringer of happiness. It calms every ‘workaholic’ or over-competitive person down and is said to bring happiness and the feeling of real satisfaction.

Lemon Quartz:  This relatively common stone contains silicon dioxide and the yellow ‘lemon’ colour is caused by iron. This yellow crystal helps with bladder and kidney complaints and diabetes. It will also speed up your metabolism and helps with weight loss and any kind of food craving.
It has also shown its usefulness for anybody how wants to make a positive change- like to stop smoking, to lose weight – as it helps with willpower and focus.
Traditionally the lemon quartz was one the favourites to ‘calm the nerves and is still used as a talisman for interviews, tests, and public speaking engagements.

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HERE is the next installment – when we look at crystals that balance the chakra connected to the heart


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The benefits of orange crystals

The benefits of orange crystals

The Chakras - illustration courtesey of section looks into the benefits of crystals connected to the sacral chakra. These are usually brownish and orange in colour. In contrast to the root chakra which was connected to energy, sexuality, and fertility –  the sacral chakra is all about emotions, feelings, and creativity.

The tell-tale signs of people suffering from an overactive sacral chakra are depression and bipolar behaviour. Often this goes hand in hand with a very creative mind. But the downside is a very needy behaviour and a constant craving for reassurance.  Suffering from low self-esteem, these individuals find it particularly hard to accept any kind of criticism. They need extra strength in the emotional field and may benefit from wearing or drinking water infused with the crystals I will mention below.

On the other hand, people who have a stifled sacral chakra may feel isolated, disillusioned, unfulfilled and compensate for this lack of emotions with controlling and imposing behaviourial traits.

Of course, just wearing a few stones will not immediately change these feelings. But it is the first step in the right direction, prompting the wearer to ‘open his/her eyes’. Together with a productive ‘re-orientation’ process that invites a changed behaviour.  This helps this person to recognize new opportunities and discover a new path forward. From this point of view the world in a different, kinder place.

The biggest difficulty seems to get a person with such a mindset to embrace any kind of program that requires ‘a new point of view’. Here we find the fiercest critics who dismiss anything they don’t know or have not tried just as ‘silly humbug’. So it is quite challenging to get through to them.

Bizarrely once they open up, accept that there are also other ways, and start to deal with certain shortcomings, these folks make very quick gains. Any creative activity that stimulates the right side of the brain (connected to emotions and phantasy)  will make a beneficial impact.

These could include meditation, hypnosis, listening to more music, discover new forms of art, self-help groups, and books that encourage a ‘wider view of the world’.

If you know someone who may need this help, but is not open to it, you could simply buy them a gift in the form of a ring or stone on a chain with one of the crystals mentioned below.

Creative people who suffer from short-term ‘lack of creativity’  such as writer’s block or in times of particular emotional turmoil, can also use this help.

Here are some of my favourite crystals to help open this blocked chakra.

Orange Calcite: This stone is widely available and apart from the symptoms described above, its physical benefits are to strengthen the kidney/bladder area. From bedwetting in children to incontinence in later life. It can also help alleviate IBS and gives a boost when emotionally and physically depleted. Whenever you find yourself in a very stressful situation, at home or work,  or particularly physically demanding time, use this stone to help you through. It is no surprise that the orange calcite is called ‘ the stone of happiness’.

Peach Aventurine: As the name suggests this stone is peachy to glowing orange in colour and offers similar attributes. This stone is ideal for an eternally worried and stressed person.  Together with a relaxing treatment that gets rid of body tension, like a massage or foot-reflexology treatment, this can make a deep impact.

For long-term stress, worry – start drinking crystal water infused with this stone. This is a very old healing practice. People suffering from compulsive behaviours,  eating disorders, and anxieties would also benefit from the above said. On the physical front, the peach aventurine helps with persistent urine infections, reproductive problems, and skin problems.

Hessonite Garnet: Orange to dark brown in colour. It is called the cinnamon stone and relatively rare, therefore a bit pricier than the ones mentioned above. It helps with balancing the hormonal system, improves fertility, and has its most prolific use in the help to combat arthritis and rheumatism.
People who feel lonely, unable to cope with life benefit from its strength. This crystal is mainly found in Sri Lanka, India. But it was a known and well-liked stone in Ancient Greece and Rome where it found its main use as an amulet stone to attract health and joy. It is also said to inspire artistic output, so a great stone for any budding artist.

Orange carnelian: orange-pinkish in colour with hues of brown. This common stone helps with female fertility, especially when undergoing IVF treatment. Being a truly ‘female stone’, it alleviates menstrual problems and helps with the onset of the menopause. Added to drinking water, it will give you strength after an operation or long illness.  It can further help people to overcome trauma and anxiety attacks.

Snowflake obsidian: In contrast to the other stones, it is not orange but black with small whitish (snowflake-like) patterns. It is commonly available and good for cell tissues, eyesight, and sinus problems. It helps with the regulation of excess fat which makes it a good companion during a weight-loss program.

On the whole, it helps people to accept who they are and gives strength in times of big decisions and adding will-power. Before going to sleep place a stone on your belly (sacral chakra) and meditate for about 10 minutes, letting go of worries and think of something that makes you truly happy and at ease. Repeat this daily for a few weeks, let go of worries and firm up decisions that you will keep.

Orange Selenite: This stone is similar to the orange carnelian as it assists with fertility, women’s problems, and a weak bladder. It is very useful for people who struggle with their self-image and food disorders. But can also used in more benign ways when children are afraid of the dark or just to produce a friendly, productive atmosphere. This is a great stone to have on your desk to promote creativity and harmony.

Peachy Moonstone: This pretty stone comes in various hues, but the orange/peach moonstone is the best for the sacral chakra. Advisable for anyone who feels helpless with weight problems and self-esteem issues. It is a good present for an insecure teenager to help find his/her place in the world.

 HERE is the next installment – when we look at crystals that balance the  chakra connected to the Solar plexus


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