Natural home clearing

Natural home clearing

 Tidy, declutter and dusting

In the late 1990ies I had a very interesting home visit. My then downstairs neighbour told me about this ‘wonderful interior designer’ who he met at a recent party. My husband and I were just about to gear up for a serious redecoration process. So  I decided to have her round to get some input and ideas.

A few days later a bubbly young Italian woman showed up and I guided her around the house. I had been a makeup artist for a little while but was then experiencing a career-lull and felt a bit lack-luster.  What I needed was extra energy and a fresh start.

As we walked around the place she noted a few things down and finally, we reached the top floor. There were 2 rooms. The one facing towards the garden was used as a work/spare room and the room facing the street was our bedroom.

She was puzzled by this arrangement and thought the bedroom would be much better facing the back. But we had tried this before and both found that we could not sleep well in this room. And neither did any of our guests.

She turned to me and asked if she could ‘energetically clear this room’ and took out a sage smudge stick.  At that time I had never seen one before and was by now getting quite curious.  She lit it and then walked around with it, making sure the smoke went into all the corners, behind piled-up papers, in the cupboard and any other hidden place. She then carried on throughout the whole place.

Once finished, she gave me precise instructions on how to declutter and thoroughly air and clean the place. Then she urged me to hang up colourful, happy pictures of friends and family and snapshots of ‘happy moments’.  When all that was completed and only then, I was to move the bed back into the garden-facing room, which of course I did.

That night and many after that I slept so well.  No more twisting and turning. I could not believe the difference the whole procedure had made. Additionally, a friend called me the next day and told me about an interview for a new TV show. I went to it and got the job. In hindsight, that day really transformed my then stagnant career and home life.

Of course,  this all could have been completely coincidental, but whatever she had done – it just worked! She had explained to me the ‘concept of stagnant energy’.

According to her, dead energy gathers in crevices and around clutter and needs to be cleared away. It is like dust or debris which you would clear away, too.

My grandmother had always mentioned that energy does not get lost but just transforms. So it all somehow made sense. In any case, it did work whatever had caused it.

Since then I have kept to this principle.  If I ever need a bit of ‘energy’, ‘oomph’, ‘mojo’ – or whatever else you call this elusive “get-up-and-go” quality, I cleanse my home – dirt, clutter, and energy!

How to cleanse your home the biodynamic way?

1) Declutter:  Choose the time of the Waning Moon, ideally on an Air Day. Take 3 bags and declutter either a room, a storage area or whatever needs doing. If you are a hoarder (like me), make sure you stick to a small area or room, otherwise, it is just overwhelming. There is always another moon cycle to do the next bit. A great way to go room by room through the whole house.

Bag One is for rubbish, Bag Two is for giving-away. This could be to neighbours, friends, family, charity or selling on e-bay. Bag Three is your treasure chest – this is the precious stuff to keep, ideally not too much.

Once madness turned into tidiness, take a duster and get rid of all the dust. If you still have some energy, clean mirrors, and possibly hoover. But what is really important – give your home a good blast of fresh air. Even in winter, just make it shorter.

washing and deep clean   2) Cleaning:  Keep the decluttering, dusting and hovering on Air Days, if you can and have a day off if possible. Then a Water Days will follow the Air Day- still in the Waning Moon. Today is a cleaning day. Do another good hovering session, wash your floors and wet vacuum your carpets (you can hire wet&dry Vaccum cleaners). Get down curtains, give them a shake outside or wash them.  Move furniture to really get as much dust/dirt away as you can. This is not a routine clean, this is a deep clean.

Here are 2 articles about natural cleansers that you most likely have in your larder.

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3) Clean Energetically: Now your home is dusted and cleaned. Give it a day or 2 and then you can clean it energetically. The element fire is perfect for this task and it won’t even take long.

Get a sage smudge stick and light it. Then walk around circling the smudge stick, making sure the smoke is going in all the hidden corners and crevices. Put some uplifting music on – it can be quite fun.

Have you ever heard the phrase – you can cut the air with a knife?  This is exactly what stagnant energy feels like. If you pay attention, there will be some hidden corners where the smudge stick literally gets stuck, spend a little bit more time clearing those ‘energetic cobwebs’. Places where there is a lot of traffic, such as hallways, show normally little build up of ‘stagnant energy’. It is those ‘forgotten corners behind the pile of papers’ that is where you need to first clear, clean and swish.

Finally, open all the windows and let the smoke ‘breath out’. Once all the smoke has gone,  light a scented candle or use a natural air freshener.  I guarantee you – you will notice a big difference and your sleep and general mood should improve a lot.

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