The benefits of yellow crystals

The benefits of yellow crystals

This month we will look into the benefits of yellow crystals which are connected to the The Chakras - illustration courtesey of chakra.
A few years ago I was lacking in energy and my mother gave me a ‘sunstone’ in the shape of a heart and I have used it ever since. When I feel a bit run down I leave the stone in full sun shine (for a day or 2) and when it is fully charged I add the stone to a glass of water and drink this water. It may just be psychological, but I definitely feel more energetic and fully ‘charged’ again.

As you can see from the image to the right, the solar chakra is located in the centre of the stomach and solar plexus. It is connected with intuition (also gut feeling), the summery of experience, your potential, self-confidence and intellectual power.

When the solar chakra is in balance people learn from their mistakes, are humble and ready for new opportunities. They have a sharp intellect and are good decision makers. These people are ’emotional rocks’ for their environment and are relied uponfor advise and insights.

However when the solar chakra is unbalanced, we feel indecisive, restless, show compulsive behaviours, obsessions which people, objects, success and else which compensates for ‘real happiness’.

The organs affected by the solar chakra are digestion, liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, metabolism and the nervous system. An unbalanced solar chakra can lead to problems in these areas. It is also connected to  ‘yo-yo dieting’ and lack of weight loss due to nervous dispositions also known as ‘stress eating’.

Here are some of the crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Heliodor:  Its name comes from the Ancient Greeks and translates as ‘gift from the sun’ as it can transfer ‘sun energy’ into us giving us a boost. Drinking water energised by a ‘sun stone’ is particularly useful in the dark winter months. Commonly known as ‘sunstone’ is a great balancer for all those who juggle 110 things at the same time. This yellow crystal is therefore a good stone for the ‘self-employed’ and people with varied work patterns as it helps with emotional stability and happiness.

Chrysoberyl:  This yellow-bronish opaque stone is made from aluminium oxide containing beryllium. When polished it looks like a golden ‘cat’s eye’ and was often used as talisman against accidents and anything to do with travel. This would make a good stone for anybody who travels a lot, from taxi drivers, pilots to frequent business travellers. They are seen as bringer of prosperity as wearing a chrysoberyl stone helps with clarity and focus.

On a physical level it helps with exhaustion due to too much work and anything to do with food allergies or poisoning or any eating disorders.

Yellow Spinel stone: This makes a beautiful jewellery stone as when cut it resembles a yellow diamond. It is a natural anti-depressant and a bringer of happiness which would make a great present for any ‘workaholic’ or over competitive person. It calms the nerves and brings optimism and happiness.

Lemon Quartz:  This relatively common stone contains silicon dioxide and the yellow ‘lemon’ colour is caused by iron. These yellow crystals helps with bladder, kidney complaints and diabetes. It will also speed up your metabolism and helps with weight loss and any kind of craving. So ideal for anybody who needs to stop smoking, loose weight, etc.
It also calms the nerves and is the best talisman for interviews, tests and public speakers. I think this a very useful stone to have in your personal purse or handbag.

In the next issue we will out for crystals that boost the heart chakra.



The benefits of orange crystals

The benefits of orange crystals

The Chakras - illustration courtesey of month we will look into the benefits of orange crystals connected to the sacral chakra. These are usually brownish and orange in colour. In contrast to the root chakra which was connected to energy, sexuality, fertility the sacral chakra is all about emotion, feelings and creativity.

People who have a stifled sacral chakra may feel isolated, disillusioned, unfulfilled and compensate this lack of emotions with a controlling behaviour. Of course just wearing a few stones will not do the trick to overcome these feelings, but they can help us ‘open our eyes’, recognise opportunities, not just only to change our emotions,  but also to see the world in a different light and discover a new paths in life that may have not been visible to us before. The problem is that people who would need this quality the most are often the fiercest critics of anything to do with ‘openness to new ideas and therapies’. So it is quite a challenge to change the mindset of these people.  The first step here is to acknowledge the status quo and being prepared to open up and accept new concepts. Not everything will work, but any activity that stimulates  the right side of the brain, connected to emotions, creativity and felling will help. This could include meditation, hypnosis and any kind analysis, therapy, music, art, self-help etc. will all help. Certain Crystals can add additional strength to help open this chakra. If you know someone who may need this help, but is at first not open to it, you could simply start by buying them a ring or stone on a chain with the crystals mentioned below. Just being around them will over time have a little impact, even if it is not as effective as tackling the problem head on.

Crystals can also help for short term problems  such as writer’s block or in times of particular emotional turmoil.

Here are some of the crystals to wear or add to drinking water:

Orange calcite: This stone is widely available and apart from symptoms described above, its physical benefits are to strengthen the kidney/bladder area. From bedwetting in children to incontinence in later life. It can also help eleviate IBS and gives a boost when emotionally and physically depleted, like after a stressful situation or physical demanding time. It is also called ‘ the stone of happiness as its energy instills joy’

Peach Aventurine: As the name says this stone is peachy to glowing orange in colour and similar to the calcite as it is a stone that gives joy and is advisable for someone who is constantly worried, suffers from compulsive behaviour or eating disorders and anxieties. On the physical front it helps with persistent urine infections, reproductive problems and skin problems.

Hessonite Garnet: Orange to dark brown to orange. It is also called the cinnamon stone and relatively rare, therefore a bit pricier than the ones mentioned above. It helps with balancing the hormone system, improves fertility and has its most prolific use to help with arthritis and rheumatism. It is also good for people who feel lonely, unable to cope with life. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, but also already in use in Ancient Greece and Rome, mainly as an amulet stone to attract health and joy. It is also said to inspire artistic output, so a great one for any budding artist.


On the other hand some people suffer the opposite – an overactive sacral chakra. The tell-tale signs are  depression and bi-polar behaviour. These people often are very needy of constant reassurance and strength from others. They may suffer from low self esteem or find it hard to accept criticism. They need extra strength in the emotional field and the suitable crystals that give this strength and help to balance this chakra are:

Orange carnelian: orange-pinkish in colour with hues of brown. This common stone helps with female fertility, especially ivf, menstrual problems and the menopause. It is a very female orientated stone. Added to the drinking water it gives you strength after an operation or after a long illness and can help people to overcome trauma and anxiety attacks.

Snowflake obsidian: In contrast to the other stones, it is not orange but black with small whitish (snowflake like) pattern. It is commonly available and good for cell tissues, eyesight, sinus problems and the procession of fat, so a good aide during a diet. It helps people to accept who they are and gives strength in times of big decisions. Before going to sleep place a stone on your belly (sacral chakra) and meditate for about 10 minutes, letting go of worries and think of something that makes you truly happy and at ease. Repeat this daily for a few weeks.

Orange Selenite: This stone is similar to the orange carnelian as it assists with fertility, womens’ problems and weak bladder. It is very useful for people who struggle with their self image and food disorders. But can also used in more benign ways when children are afraid of the dark or just to produce a friendly, productive atmosphere, I guess that should be most spaces.

Peachy Moonstone: This pretty stone comes in various hues, but the orange/peach moonstone is the best for the sacral chakra. Advisable for anyone who feels helpless with weight problems and self esteem issues. It is a good present for an insecure teenager to help find his/her place in the world.

In the next issue we look crystals that boost the solar plexus chakra.



The benefits of red crystals

The benefits of red crystals

When choosing a crystal that is right for you, there are many guidelines, one of them is colour. In the coming months I will start with the base chakra crystals (red) and work my way through the other colours and chakras. The Chakras - illustration courtesey of


Red Crystals are some of the most beautiful stones. They are associated with  love, passion, romance, warmth, and heat and they also symbolise life itself and physical vitality. So wearing or using a red crystal will give you motion, strength and a boost of energy.

These are brilliant stones in times of feeling lethargic, worn and lacking in energy. On a physical level they help with poor circulation, energy, low blood pressure, to gain strength after an illness, reproduction organs and simulate sexual desire and lift depression.

They will bring focus to the essence of your life, and they will inspire you to live with purpose!

Historically red crystals were a symbol of money and power, think about the red rubies that so many king wore or had woven into their crown and garments.

Here are a few examples:

Ruby:  pinkish to deep red colour the ruby is a rare stone and very valuable. It was always a stone of love and passion. But it also helps with menstrual problems, early menopause, female fertility and lack of sex drive, infections, circulation and heart problems. It is one of the best stones to strengthen the root chakra.

Red Carnelian:  This red-bronwish to orange stone often has a vivid colour and is commonly available. It helps with exhaustion (physical and mental), lack of male sex drive and potency, gall bladder, spleen and bladder problems, rheumatism and arthritis. It generally strengthens the root and solar plexus chakra

Red Calcite: This stone is usually pale red, but can also appear as reddish pink with clear streaks. This is a good jewellery stone for people who suffer from panic attacks, self-harmer or people who suffer from inexplicable outbursts of anger and frustration. On a physical level the red calcite helps with menstrual problems, irregular ovulation, strengthens the kidneys and pancreas.

Red Aventurine: This red stone speeds up the metabolism and helps with sluggish digestion. It also can be helpful for skin conditions such as eczema, fungal conditions and low blood pressure. Traditionally this stone was worn as amulet around the neck to protect its wearer and to protect against fire, accidents and to promote harmony in the family and life in general.

Red Coral: Comes from Ancient Greek word – sea daughter, as it forms out of skeletons of sea creatures. It is believed to be good for cells, tissue, bone marrow, inflammations and rashes and helps to heal wounds, bruises and inner ear problems. It brings courage and self-esteem. If you suffer from a lot of trauma and setbacks, wear some kind of coral jewellery to give you strength and determination.

Red Jasper: Red to terracotta colour. It is a common stone and helps with everything to do with the blood. From anaemia to forming good blood cells, from menstruation to circulation problems. It should be worn during fertility treatments and heart surgeries. It gives quiet strength and offers emotional stability. Good for people who overcome a long illness, traumatic situations as longterm bullying and stress disorders.

The most famous crystals

The most famous crystals

So far I have talked about semi precious stones that you and me can own, today I will share with you a story I found in Vogue about a different kind of crystals, the most famous stones in the world. Unobtainable for most of us, but still very fascinating.

In the next series I will go back to basics and talk more about individual colours and stones that we all can buy.

But enjoy this feature about the world’s most celebrated stones. As I can’t use the photos, you will need to read it via this link. 



The benefits of crystals –  colours and chakras

The benefits of crystals – colours and chakras

In the series – The benefit of crystals – I have previously written about the more general aspects of crystals, their history and how they work.

In this post I want to look into their connections to chakras and sort them by colour groups.

The Chakras - illustration courtesey of

These are the 7 Charkas – the map is courtesy of the Global Affiliate network

For all of you who are not familiar with chakras  here is a quick overview.

  1. The Base or Root Chakra 
    Colour: red
    Deals with: basic survival, procreation, fertility, anger, impotence, frustration
    Negative aspect: insecurity, alienation
    Positive aspect: self -assured, connected
    Health problems: low levels of energy, stiffness of back and joints, reproductive problems, fluid retention, constipation or diarrhea, varicose veins, hernias, bipolar disorders, anxiety, glandular disturbances, autoimmune diseases
  2. The Sacral Chakra
    Colour: orange
    Deals with: Creativity, acceptance of yourself, partners and ex-partners
    Negative aspect:selfishness with low self-esteem
    Positive aspect: self-worth, confidence
    Health problems: PMS, muscle cramps, period pains, allergies, addictions, eating disorder, diabetes, liver or intestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, urinary infections, kidney problems
  3. The Solar Chakra
    Colour: yellow
    Deals with: Emotional processing of information, concentration, hypochondriac, emotional blockages, often taking on other people’s problems and feelings
    Negative aspect: inferiority complex, clinginess
    Positive aspect: emotional stability
    Health problems: stomach ulcers, digestive problems, gall stones, pancreatic failure, eczma, nervous skin conditions, phobias
The benefit of crystals – how do crystals work?

The benefit of crystals – how do crystals work?

How do crystals work?  

Let’s take for example a wrist watch as many models contain a quartz. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with a precise frequency and these signal cycles are then converted into time displays, showing units of hours, minutes and seconds.

Like our wrist watch we also use crystals to resonate with our own energy. Crystals are formed deep inside the earth’s mantle, a melting pot of various materials and energy. This absorbed and stored energy gives crystals the power to heal, calm or enhance our energy. Their individual power depends on how the crystal was formed, its shape and structures and its mineral content.

An easy way to distinguish between crystals is their shape and colour. We all have particular needs and they may vary during our lifetime and according to situations we find ourselves in. Sometimes we need crystals to give us energy (for example after an illness), but at other times, for example after a stressful exam or job interview, we need an energy to calm us down and get chakras again. At other times again we may look more for strength to get us through bereavement or separation.

How to use crystals

  1. In my view the best and most convenient way is to wear them as jewellery items. You can wear them as rings, bracelets, amulet and they don’t just look pretty, but also help you throughout the day. This is not a new invention, but looking back at every possible civilisation, there has hardly been one where no jewellery was present. Then you can combine their good looks with a practical way of using their energy.
  1. Drink water enhanced by crystals. I used to have a sun stone and whenever I felt a bit lethagic or lack of energy, I would leave the sun stone in a position of full sun light, so he absorbed the full energy of the sun. Then I put it into mineral water and drank it and it really helped to get my energy levels up.   First choose the right crystal for you and cleanse it under running water. Then add the stone(s) to either still mineral or filtered tap water. A crystal the size of a medium sized coin will energise one glass of water. It makes sense to use a larger container and once you have chosen the right crystals, add them to the water and cover Cover the water up with the crystals inside and leave to stand for about 24 hours, then consume during the next day. Here is some more information 
  1. Laying on crystals on the naked skin. Choose the right crystals and move crystals over your chakras. This needs a bit more knowledge and is best left to do for a practicioner who knows all about energy lines of the body. But if someone is knowlegable enough and knows how to use crystals, you feel a small sensation. If there is no reaction at all, it means that your energy is blocked and needs to be aligned first, before this treatment can be started.

Next time we will look more in-depth into colour and chakras