Meet Jutta Russell

The Living With The Moon biodynamic lifestyle program has been developed and researched in the UK for the last ten years.

Hi, I am Jutta Russell and Founder of LivingWithTheMoon

I was very fortunate to grow up learning about this holistic lifestyle from my grandmother.  She instructed me how to live a happy, wholesome life in tune with nature and the lunar cycle.

My aim is to keep her knowledge and recipes alive and to share them with you!

My vision is to provide you with a one-stop, useful biodynamic place where you can discover natural tips, recipes, and carefully selected products. In my mind, every journey starts with a first step.

Take your first step now by downloading our LWTM FREEBIES and start your own personal journey to achieve health, success, and happiness using the lunar cycle. 

‘I believe that this old system, used by many civilizations for thousands of years, has still a lot to offer to today’s society.


The tips and recipes are simple and easy to follow.  The daily lunar calendar and goal planner are useful guides for your life”

Jutta Russell

An ancient lifestyle system for busy 21st century life

Building on passed-down knowledge, she has created an original and easy to use, colour-coded biodynamic system, fit for a busy 21st century lifestyle.

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