Goal planning that works for you and brings results

January is usually the prime time when most of us swing into action and come up with New Year resolutions. But too often this ‘list of good intentions’ is put into a drawer by February and largely forgotten by March. Does this sound familiar?

Yet goal planning is essential! Talk to any successful entrepreneur, business leader or high achiever and I guarantee that they all follow some sort of life planner or goal list. Why is this so crucial?

Picture yourself driving a car or walking down the road. When you set off on your journey you would have taken a map out, asked for instructions or had an idea of where you were going. Otherwise, you drive/walk around aimlessly without ever reaching a destination. And life is not much different.

If YOU are not in charge of where you are going, OTHERS will highjack you to achieve their own goals and objections. This is always done with malicious intent, but if you are just ‘bumbling along’ others will need to take the initiative and it is usually to your detriment and their gain.

This does not mean you can never align your destination with others, quite the opposite. Sharing your journey with like-minded individuals is a good thing – as long as your intentions and interests align with them (at least in most parts and you can reach a successful compromise for the rest).  Then the outcome will be a happy relationship, work partnership or friendship.

So how do you go about successful goal planning?

The answer is by breaking big intentions down into small achievable steps. Then goal setting is fun and easy. The moon cycle with its monthly routine is a perfect time scale for achieving small goals. When you follow our system, we will  prompt you how and when to check your goal list, so you won’t ever forget

Trust me you will achieve your goals as long as you 

  • Create and follow your goals with  persistence
  • Break your goals down into thought-through, achievable steps 
  • Build in a ‘safety net’ that catches you when you drift away from what matters
  • Evaluate your goals on a regular basis 

I feel that goal planning is so essential for your life that I have added our e-book How to create a successful life with the LWTM Goal Planner as part of our Free Membership Welcome Package.

But you can also download it by clicking on the title above

I wish you success and Happy Goal Planning!