Body brushing and body exfoliation

Body brushing and body exfoliation

Today is a great day to start a body brushing regime and do some exfoliation.  These are procedures best reserved for the time of the Waning Moon. 

It is fascinating that the epidermis (outer skin layer) grows and sheds in roughly the same time frame as one moon cycle. So it is not surprising that many traditions are still in use, making the Waxing Moon the time to heal and nourish the skin and using the Waning Moon to exfoliate and cleanse. 

Body brushing 

If you are new to body brushing – here is an article that explains how to get started with body brushing 

Using a good body brush or a loofah is essential. Did you know that loofah is an actual plant? Here is an article that explains how you can grow your very own loofah.


Once or twice per month, it is advisable to exfoliate dead skin cells. Choose the time of the Waning Moon for this. Conveniently our skin cells renew virtually in tandem with the moon cycle (on average 28-30 days). If you use the Waxing Moon for nourishing and the Waning Moon for exfoliation, you will automatically keep healthy and fresh-looking skin.

Here is a recipe for a body scrub that you can make out of lemon, lime, and orange peels.

Home-made body scrub

Home-made body scrub

Your skin renews at roughly the same time as one moon cycle – 28-31 days.  To keep your skin looking clean and healthy it is important to preserve good circulation and regular body exfoliations can help with this.  Here is a quick and easy-to-make body scrub...


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