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Did you know that every day has an individual energy or “day quality”?

Living with the Moon has taken this ancient knowledge and updated it for a busy 21st-century lifestyle.

We translate the day quality into down-to earth  practical tips, recipes and advice.

Our Living with the Moon Lifestyle Calendar The Month Ahead helps you to align your decisions and actions with nature’s own rhythmic cycles.

LWTM reconnects to you to nature, folkloric traditions and encourages you to see the world in a more holistic way.


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Our lifestyle system can help you to look great, maintain a healthy diet, improve your career, love and social life, save time and money by timing your activities for optimal impact with the lunar cycle.

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“Knowing how the phases of the moon affect the likelihood of weight gain or loss has proven immeasurably helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and getting my figure back following the birth of my son”Maureen

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What does it mean to Live with the Moon?

When you look at your watch or get your diary out, you are using tools whose origin are directly inspired by the movement of the moon. As the moon rotates around the earth it exerts a specific gravitational pull, giving each day a unique ‘day quality’. Our lifestyle system shows you ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do it’ making many activities much more effective. 

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Halloween, witches and Samhain

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A time for healing

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The history of the calendar

The history of the calendar

Our ancestors used the sun, the moon and the stars to measure time and form the very first calendars (meaning register). The earth orbiting the sun marks the annual year. The moon cycle was the blueprint for the month and the weeks (28 days dived by the 4 quarter of...

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The benefit of crystals – Introduction

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The Living With The Moon biodynamic lifestyle program has been developed and researched in the UK for the last ten years.Its founder,  Jutta Russell, grew up learning about this holistic lifestyle from her mother and grandmother who have both lived with an awareness of the lunar cycle and passed down many natural (and now often forgotten) useful tips. 
What our subscribers say
“Knowing how the phases of the moon affect the likelihood of weight gain or loss has proven immeasurably helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and getting my figure back following the birth of my son”.Maureen
What our subscribers say
‘I have followed this system now for years and I can only endorse it. My hair is better, and so is my garden. Every month I look forward to reading the newsletter especially the beauty tips and the calendar. Keep up the good work!Christine